Keeping a fleet working, particularly on African roads, is not an easy mission. At Auto GP Motors we understand that your automobiles are going to need routine maintenance. We can "predict" when your vehicle(s) will need upcoming maintenance by analyzing driver behavior, vehicle wear-to-tear and other existing conditions. We will track, schedule and remind you when you are due for next maintenance appointment.

Our knowledgeable and qualified team has been carefully selected from the finest in their field to provide and handle any issue experienced, from day-to-day fleet maintenance to unexpected incidents.

Roadworthy testing

By conducting a bumper-to-bumper diagnostic analysis. We will provide you with a full report on your vehicles, including any maintenance and mechanical issues that need to be dealt with for us to provide you with a fleet that is roadworthy and in perfect working condition.

We do all of this at your convenience, should any mechanical maintenance or repairs need to be done on the vehicle(s) this will be discussed and scheduled at a time that is suitable for you. Guaranteeing no interference with your daily business operations.

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