Yena Khuboni – CEO

Fitness fanatic, adrenalin junkie, seasoned and ignited entrepreneur; Yena holds a triple-major Bachelor of Commerce, a qualification in Performance Audit and wide experience in the public sector. Without a doubt, ‘dynamism’ would be the appropriate word to describe the dynamite called Yena.

It was during her tertiary years as a student at Wits where, whilst pursuing her degree, Yena ventured into a beauty business, specialising in manicures and pedicures, later growing it to provide eyelash extensions. Having to juggle school and running a business proved to be challenging, but it was here that she realised her strength in multitasking. She continued with this business until the first year of her formal employment. It was this business venture which taught her the most about the importance of relationships in business. However, she notes that the key lesson she learned has now become one of her mottos: “Always aim to be the best, not the biggest”. She always repeats this in her talks with the youth in the different schools she visits. This is to drive home the importance of excellence and timeous delivery in all that one does and commits to. It was her love for cars and curiosity for automobiles; however, that led her to cater to automobiles full-time since 2017; when she took over AutoGP’s management and operations. Yena has since been instrumental in establishing GPTracker, the helms of which she has also taken full charge of.

Yena began her climb of the corporate ladder at the office of the Auditor-General of South Africa as she worked her way up through extensive exposure within the different business units and auditees. She is a member of the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and served at the SIG (Special Interest Group) committee where she engaged in discussions and research for the Practice guides of the internal audit opinion on internal controls. She is a leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations where hard-work and innovative thinking are essential to success. It is through this that Yena brings an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to “play for high score” at everything she does at GPTracker, the same philosophy she adopted for AutoGP. She has hands-on experience in starting and growing businesses with a core focus on delivering great value to her customers. Her goal for GPTracker is simple: being a car tracking system with unparalleled service!

Determined to participate in the next Comrades Marathon, when she’s not overseeing operations and ensuring excellent service delivery at AutoGP and GPTracker, you can catch Yena on some hiking trail or running track, preparing for this massive milestone!